Welcome to SeattlePH 

Washington`s local full service design and sign contracting company.


SeattlePH offers integrated communication solutions for its valuable B2B and retail customers. We believe there are some significant reasons for you to consider SeattlePH as your #1 choice today; 

Not only designing branding elements and building custom sign solutions for 15 years, also we manage our family restaurant business in Europe for the last 20 years and the chain retail business in Washington and the Oregon shopping malls for 10+ years.


We are a local and family owned Washington company . We manufacture over 80% of our products in-house without Loyalty fees unlikely our nationwide competitors. Since we do not have to pay inflated corporate costs, we beat their price very most of the time!


All our team members highly trained in their professional branches.

While our artistic touches rely on a modern minimalist approach, we design our products and services with positive engineering values. 

We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded contractor company that ensures and proud of the quality of the previous and future works.



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