Anything but ordinary. Create a cool and distinctive look for any vehicle. These cast wrap films come in high gloss colours, matte colours, brushed metal and carbon fiber looks.



Semi - Truck Graphics

Semi Trucks are on the way across to the continent! What a good opportunity for promoting your businesses! We can show you the way... 



Vehicle lettering is one of the most affordable 

signage type for your business. A wide range of color options are available!


Vehicle Lettering

Your windows are your showcases! Your business talks louder with full-size high definition graphics... 


Store Front-Windows Wrap

a-frame signs

We offer customized living spaces for your home and offices! We can re-design your showroom with plenty of design options...


Wall & Floor Wrapping

by SeattlePH

Vehicle Paint Protection Wrap

There are many choices in the market today for paint protection films (PPF), but the company that invented paint protection film is re-inventing it. We have leveraged our technical capability and scientific knowledge to create a film that offers world class protection for your vehicle finish. by 3M. 

Stickers and Magnet Sign

There are many choices for your branding but probably the most affordable ways are the stickers and magnet signs. We offer 100% customizing for your vehicle. Get a free quote today!

Taxi Cab Wrapping

Do you need a color change for your taxi? Or partial lettering? It costs you less than paint and let you customize your vehicle ! Let`s talk about business know!

a-frame signs